So what is Non Surgical Hair Replacement?

A custom template is created on your scalp working out where the hair needs to be replaced. That template is then made into a mould and base. These bases can be made out of many different types of materials eg fine lace, heavy lace all the way to a complete poly artificial skin. Which base option that is right for you would depend on your lifestyle. Single individual hairs are then hand knotted onto this base 1 hair at a time giving the appearance of natural looking hair. Once the system is completed the system can be attached to your scalp in a variety of methods depending on your lifestyle - The most popular attachment method is Hair System Tape. which can last anything from 1 week to 3 weeks attachment depending on tape strength used and lifestyle.

Our custom-made hair-replacement solutions utilise the very latest technological advances to give you hair that looks and feels natural so that you can look your best. With our state-of-the-art hair systems you can wash your hair in the shower, play sport, go swimming, and enjoy your life without ever having to worry about your hair.

All of our hair-replacement solutions are handcrafted with the best-quality human hair. and custom-made in different sizes, hair colours, textures, and styles. They offer the best hair-loss solutions without any surgical procedure.

We provide a wide variety of base designs, all of which are non-surgical.

We are the experts in determining the best method of hair replacement for you. Book for a free consultation with Richie and let us help pick your new great look.


Our custom-made hair systems are the ultimate solution for the customer who is serious about hair replacement.

With a custom-made solution, we can design and create a piece that is perfect for your hair type, density, texture, and colour, using the most appropriate method for your needs. This will give you the best, most natural, and completely undetectable hair solution.

We believe there are three factors necessary to make your hair system truly undetectable. The first is getting it professionally custom-designed to be the perfect shape for your head as well as the ideal texture, density, colour, and length for you. The second is ensuring your hairpiece is of the highest quality. The third is having it professionally cut and styled to suit you.

With our personal touch, you get a look that is unique to you.


Some customers don’t have the time to wait for a custom-made piece to be made. If you want a hair system that you can wear sooner then a custom peice then maybe ready to wear may be an option for you.

These are all of the best-quality human hair and feature the same durability and attention to detail as our custom-made systems.

We offer the same free consultation and service that comes with the custom-made hair systems. We will fit the hairpiece for you and cut and style it, and will also guide you in how to affix, style, and maintain it.

Unfortunately, ready-to-wear solutions aren’t suitable for everyone. If you have a specific balding area, or need a variance with colour blending, you may not be a candidate for a ready to wear system. 

Contact us to find out whether a ready-to-wear system might suit you, or, if you prefer, we can determine this at your consultation.

Check out the video below to see some options for Non Surgical Hair Replacement