What is it?

Goldwell Kerasilk Control De-Frizz Service.

An ultra-hydrating in-salon hair treatment service, ideal for anyone wanting to get rid of frizz before summer and condition colour treated or dry, damaged hair.

What's in it?

A  frizz-controlling salon treatment that involves applying 'Kerashape Technology,' to the hair. Quick science lesson: The formulation is a blend of glyoxylic acid, silk proteins and keratin (a fibrous protein which is the primary component in skin, hair, and nails) that once absorbed, repairs the broken keratin bonds and strengthen your locks. The results are a smoother-looking mane with less frizz. 

It smooths and improves the look of your hair, and helps with manageability.  It is designed to promote healthy-looking, full, lustrous hair and who doesn't want that?  For anyone wanting to strengthen or hydrate dry, over-processed hair and smooth frizz or control wave, it's ideal. It will also cut down your styling time post-treatment, making your hair easier to style and manage at home. 

How long does it last?

The effects last between four and six weeks and this treatment does not change your hair colour or other salon services in any way. In fact, if you do need a colour retouch, you can have both on the same day.